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Everything you need to get and learn to begin knitting.

Do you want to knit?

I can help you with that. Here’s what to do next!

Hi, I’m Lois!

My goal is to help you learn how to knit and start you off the right way on your beginner knitter journey.

I began my adult beginner knitter journey at ZERO. I soon found myself overwhelmed and frustrated. It seemed like no one was willing to make solid recommendations or show detailed steps for how to knit. So, I decided to make my own path to learn how to knit. In a little over a year, I conquered color work and knit my first sweater.

Mystery KAL Beginning June 4, 2024!

Have you ever knit a pattern that wasn’t technically a pattern yet? Want to try it out?

I recently finished getting my first shawl pattern out to test knitting. I’ve got a beanie pattern working it’s way into tech editing stages. And, I needed something new to knit.

Like most knitters, I’ve got tons of stash yarn! I found two coordinating colors of Lion Brand Truboo (light pink and rose) and decided to make a table runner for my entry way table. I quickly sketched up what I had in mind, made some notes and cast-on.

Then I thought, you could join me in knitting this up! So, if you’re into the idea of knitting along side me as I make my design a real knit thing, then meet me on Facebook at 10 AM, MDT (replay will be available for 30 days)

All you need is:
-2 Colors of weight 3 yarn approximately 200 yards each color
-4 mm knitting needles long enough for approximately 18 inches of fabic

And since this is a table runner, we are NOT knitting a gauge swatch! It’s totally fine if your table runner is a bit wider or thinner. We’re in it to have fun and make something pretty!

Hope to see you then!

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OzzyLosi Knit Designs on YouTube

OzzyLosi Knit Designs has a series on YouTube called Knit Bits. These are 10 minute or less videos to increase your knit knowledge one bite size at a time. Come and check out the Pattern Overview series, or All About Gauge. New content added to YouTube on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can also check Knit Bits out live on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30 AM, MST on my Facebook page.