2024 Knitting Calendar of Events
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2024 Save the Dates! KAL’s, Classes and more!

Looking at 2024, I can honestly say I am totally stoked for KALs and classes! I am so excited for the things I have coming down the line. But boy have I learned from last year. I learned that no matter how fast I want to go, time gets in my way. Life gets in my way. And I will always end up sick. So this year, I am planning a much lighter schedule, but I’ve put in some key dates for you so w can hopefully connect throughout the year!

2024 Calendar of Events with KALs, classes, hybrid events and more!

If you’ve been on this knitting journey with me in 2023, then you have seen first hand just how fast I can pivot and change things. And some of those pivots were extremely painful. Honestly, I had big plans in 2023, and I fell short, by a lot.

Here’s what I know. I’m taking the parts that work well from 2022 and 2023, and adding in some new elements for the coming year. If you are anything like me, I like to have a loose plan of what I want to do in the coming year. So, grab your calendars and pencil in whatever looks good to you, coming in 2024!

If you would like to download a PDF version of events – you can do so by clicking the button below. Otherwise continue reading for more information…

2024 KALs

KALs are a big part of being a knitter. It helps unite us in community, find friends, and share in fun knit journeys together. If you haven’t participated in one yet, you should give it a try! They are an excellent way to have fun while knitting and enjoying the comments, photos and support of other knitters, all while knitting from the same pattern. And my KALs always include tutorial videos as well. So it’s a great opportunity to learn new skills.

KALs #1 Anywhere the Wind Blows Shawl

I plan to launch my first ever shawl pattern in April and host a month long KAL with anyone who wants to join in the fun of knitting this together. I am collaborating with Numana Yarns for some of their incredible lovely hand dyed yarn and their color expertise.

As part of our collaboration, we hope to offer you all kits. So be sure to keep an eye out for more details as they become available.

KALs #2 (ish?)

Over the summer, I plan to host a different type of KAL/Workshop/Class. This is going to be open to knitters of all levels and even those who don’t know how to knit yet. I plan to tackle one new knitting style each month of the summer. Continental, Norwegian and Portuguese knitting styles are on the menu.

I hope you’ll join me as we expand our skills, and maybe even find a technique that we love more than what we already know!

KALs #3 November KAL (Nov 29 – Dec 1)

Finally, the November KAL will be going strong for it’s third straight year. I started on this pattern in the spring of 2023, and it’s a big deal. It’s taking me a long time. But it will definitely be worth it. The collection will be called “Smells Like Comfort” and will feature a cowl, cap, and mittens.

The stitch patterns and yarn are all selected. It’s just a matter of tweaking instructions to get these patterns perfect.

Of all the patterns I have designed so far, this is by far closest to my heart. My teenage years were spent listening to alternative grunge music and wearing flannels in New Mexico. Nothing says grunge like a teenager willing to wear a flannel in New Mexico year round. Oh I miss you stone washed jeans and baggy flannel shirts!

The name of the collection is inspired by none other than Nirvana, Smells like teen spirit, of course. I’m still working out the yarn situation, but hoping to do kits again this year as it makes it a lot more fun!

I hope you will join me for one, two or all three of these exciting KALs!

Knitting Workshops

There is so much to learn in the knitting world. Learning how to make stitches is just a small portion of the knowledge that surrounds knitting. It’s easy to learn how to knit and not know anything about knitting. Or to learn about knitting and not learn how to do it. I don’t know many knitters who feel like they can call themselves above a intermediate knitter. The most used category I see is “Advanced beginner”.

As I ponder why that happens, I think the issue is a gap in knitting knowledge. It’s no one’s fault. Learning HOW TO knit and learning ABOUT knitting are often two separate types of learning. It’s difficult to combine it all under one umbrella.

What I’m hoping to do this year is close those gaps for knitters. I’m hard at work, on a new program I call “Knitology” the study of knitting. Knitology will be broken up into different courses of study, so you can select what you need and fill any gaps in knowledge you may have. Of course, you can also skip the courses that are redundant for your existing skills and knowledge.

There is so much I want to tell you about Knitology, but all in good time. Look for more information coming out in May!

Pssst…. The KALs-ish? Knitting Around the World, that’s a part of Knitology! And you can skip around and take only the course you’d like to. Or you can take all three. More about that to come in the summer!

Bunny Tails Cowl Pattern Release

You guys! I am SO excited because actually I designed Bunny Tails last year. But the test knitting took me for some unexpected twists and turns, which made the pattern turn out sooooo much better but then Easter was over. Bummer! Because I love the name Bunny Tails and I had my heart set on launching it near Easter.

So, I’ve just sat on this pattern all year waiting for the right time to launch it. And it’s coming soon! March 1st! Be sure to grab your copy of this pattern when it becomes available!

This pattern uses Knit Picks Wonderfluff, and all the knitters agree, Wonderfulffy is Fluffying WonderfuL!

Knit Bits, Blog updates and ongoing content

In addition to the KALs, challenges and knitting classes I’ll be doing in 2024, I will continue writing blog posts, creating Knit Bits videos, and doing other content creation. If there’s something you’d like to see from me, just let me know!

Email Newsletters

Mondays will continue to focus on announcements, education and inspiration.

Wednesdays emails are all the WIPs in life. Whether it’s knitting, leisure, or whatever.

Fridays is for freebies. These are patterns that I’ve knit before or that I feel comfortable in recommending to you all. Or sometimes it’s free knitter resources that I’ve created to share with you.

Monthly Newsletters have all the announcements in one email. If you want a summary of everything without all the details of the weekly emails, this is the one you should get.

Not a subscriber? You should be! Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here.

Knit Bits

The Knit Bits Series is still one of my most popular on Facebook and YouTube. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to come up with topic ideas or to create the videos. But when I do have the time, I love to make them.

If you have an idea for a KnitBit Topic – drop me a line! I’d love to cover it soon!

Knit Bits is LIVE on Facebook . I then editi the videos behind the scenes, and you can look for the replays on my YouTube channel as soon as they are ready. Be sure to like my Facebook Page and Subscribe to my YouTube channel to never miss new content!

Blog Posts

Blog posts will be coming out once a month around the first of the month so you can look for the announcement for the blog posts in the Monthly email newsletter.

And that’s a wrap – or shawl….

Don’t forget if you want a PDF list of these events you can get that by clicking the button below.

If you’re setting some New Year’s Knit Resolutions or intentions, you may want to check out my blog post over here. Pssst! Don’t forget to include OzzyLosi Knit Designs in your plans!

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Hello friend! In the section below are links to knit pattern lites that are like knit patterns, but are not knit patterns. So, what I mean by that, is these are items you can make from a simple pattern. BUT no one has tech edited or test knit these knit tutorials.

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