Bayberry Headband
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New Knitting Pattern Release: Bayberry Headband!

The Bayberry Headband is a bulky weight knit item that is made using reverse linen stitch to create a seed type pattern. With slipped edges and knitting through the back loop you will create crisp even edges that look great. With a twist and a seam your headband is complete and ready to wear.

I don’t know about you, but I love to have some quick and easy patterns in my back pocket for emergency gifting. Bonus points if it can be knit quickly and still look awesome. That is the entire true inspiration behind the Bayberry Headband knitting pattern.

The perfect quick gift knit for someone you love!

A cozy headband makes a perfect gift for tweens, teens, and young adults. They can wear their hair in messy buns and crown their head with a headband that will keep their ears warm and hair off of their faces.

The pattern is knit flat with slipped stitches in reverse linen stitch to create the subtle bumps that show up on the right side of the fabric. The linen stitch on the wrong side of the fabric is nice and smooth. Once you are finished knitting, you simply create the twist at the top by seaming and it’s ready to wear. I find that having a seam makes a great place to hide ends easily.

Since this pattern is knit flat, you truly can make it to fit any size head. Which if you’re working with tweens and teens may be perfect since it can be customized to fit their head right now!

I picked up this gorgeous blue yarn and it told me that it wanted to become Bayberries. Bayberries are those pretty blue and white-ish berries that I associate with cold weather, but you can actually find them year round. The white gives them the appearance of frost. They can also be in red colors or almost entirely white.

Knitting the Bayberry headband experience

Knitting this pattern was a lot of fun for me, and then keeping it hidden from my daughter until it was ready for the world was another adventure. I basically have “hidden” this from my daughter a year. I had the pattern written, but couldn’t find the headband to take photos. Doh!

All summer long, I would be searching for this headband. I finally found it! Snapped one quick picture to send my pattern to tech editing. And while my fingers were still typing the email to my tech editor, that sneaky little daughter of mine picked up and put it on. I later found it in her room, and put it back in hiding!

I guess that’s a testimonial that this bulky knit is comfortable to wear, and totally steal worthy by teens. We finally got to do a photo shoot, and I think it came together pretty nicely.

Check out some of the test knitters results!

Testimonials for the Bayberry Headband

“Very easy to follow pattern, fast to make and easy to switch size as you need.” 

“A fun and easy knit, a great project for a weekend or full evening of knitting! I love the ridges on the end for added texture.” 

“The Bayberrry Headband is an easy, fun project that is a perfect quick knit for you or as a gift. It uses less than 50y/m of yarn for a scrappy project that you can make with stashed yarn. Use chunky yarn or hold 2 strands of worsted together to create a beautiful, warm headband.” 

“This pattern was quick to knit and very enjoyable! I loved seeing the pattern take shape!” 

“A very soothing, relaxing pattern that knits up quickly and beautifully. The perfect quick gift for anyone.” 

“I really enjoyed this pattern! It’s well-written, quick, & fun to make.” 

“Quick and easy to knit pattern which creates a lovely warm headband.” 

“The Bayberry headband is a simple and fun knit. Something you can knock out in an evening. Makes a wonderful gift for family and friends.” 

“Pattern was super easy, went very quickly, and looks super.” 

“Excellent quick endorphins project! I made to in the middle of Christmas gift knitting” 

“This is a super fun and easy pattern. Can easily be done in an afternoon. I love the bulky yarn!” 

Ready to knit your own Bayberry Headband? You can scoop it up at any of these shops.



hugs & Happy Knitting

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