Simple folded brim beanie knit pattern lite
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Free Knit Pattern Lite (like a knit pattern, but NOT a knit pattern)

Hello friend! In the section below are links to knit pattern lites that are like knit patterns, but are not knit patterns. So, what I mean by that, is these are items you can make from a simple pattern. BUT no one has tech edited or test knit these knit tutorials.

Several times I have shared photos of my knits without patterns only to have my inbox flooded with requests for patterns. This often makes me think I will write a pattern for the particular item, but my pattern writing queue is full of other patterns and ideas. However, pattern writing is a lot of work. Because there are swatches to be made, precise measurements, pattern writing, editing, technical editing, and test knitting. At the same time all that is happening, changes to the draft pattern are being made.

I will still be designing knit patterns and all the fabulous work and details that comes with. But this is the solution I came up with to share with you all instructions so that you can knit items that I have made. If you find any technical issue with the knit pattern lites, or other difficulty, please do let me know in the comments and I will make adjustments.

And remember, this is NOT an official knit pattern. It is a knit pattern lite that has not been edited, tech edited, or test knit (except possibly by you if you follow this pattern lite!).

Finally friend, with all those disclaimers out of the way, grab your yarn and needles, let’s start knitting!

hugs & Happy Knitting

How to knit without a pattern?

If you are interested in knitting without a pattern, you may enjoy my blog post series on the subject. Click here to see the introduction post.

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Simple folded brim beanie knit pattern lite

The Simple Folded Brim beanie knit pattern lite is my first “official” pattern lite. It is a bulky weight knit beanie. Features include:

  • 1×1 rib
  • folded brim
  • stockinette stitch
  • 4 decrease lines using center double decrease

To get the yarn in this photo, click here.

More Knit Pattern Lites Coming soon!

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