Color 'n Texture Blanket alternative border

NEW! Border Option: Color ‘N Texture Play Blanket!

An important feature of the Color ‘N Texture Play Baby Blanket is the large border. This border does not just go around the outside of the blanket, but also separates the blocks of various color and texture elements of the blanket. Basically a large portion of this blanket is the border!

Some knitters (like me!) LOVE the Two Color Linen Stitch – Hooray!!!

Some Knitters, do not have so much love for the stitch.  They find that it is slow and prefer to knit at a quicker pace.

I wanted to offer knitters an alternative border! Just because they don’t get thrilled by the Two-Color Linen Stitch, doesn’t mean they should have to scrap the whole pattern. I’d much rather offer an alternative then have knitters give up!

The alternative border needed to meet all the same criteria that the rest of the pattern meets:

  • Be a different texture than other parts of the blanket
  • Use two colors
  • Use an EQUAL amount of the two colors

Two Color Striped Garter Stitch Border

All criteria met. And talk about easy. The garter stitch is the easiest and quickest stitch pattern for most knitters to do.

What I love about this border is that it is so SQUISHY! If you decide to knit this blanket using the Two Color Striped Garter Stitch Border, you will be overwhelmed with the blanket’s SQUISH factor! I promise!

Color ‘N Texture Play Baby Blanket

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Want to learn more?
I have an ENTIRE blog post dedicated to the design inspiration and intentions for this blanket. You can watch me talk about it on Youtube or Instagram – Or hop on over to my blog post and check it out!

Color 'n Texture Play Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

Pattern has been updated on Payhip, (my website), Ravelry, and Etsy! Pick up your copy today and start enjoying the Color ‘N Texture Play Baby Blanket!

Happy Knitting!

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