Learn to knit with more than one color
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Learn to knit with more than one color

When learning how to knit, can feel so overwhelming. The amount of time it takes you to learn how to cast-on, knit, purl, and bind-off is so great, that it may feel like building your skills will continue to be a major time commitment. But I have good news! You can learn to knit with more than one color, quickly and easily. I wouldn’t recommend jumping into a complicated stranded-color work project. But you can definitely take baby steps, build your confidence and skills with ease.

Knit Skills Checklists Learn to Knit with more than one color
Knit Skills Checklists from the New Knitters Survival Guide by OzzyLosi Knit Designs

I’m a firm believer in building skills and confidence rather than biting off more than you can chew. Because the more little nibbles you take, actually, the more skills you get under your belt. So if you’re still a new knitter (or even if you’re not), and you can cast-on, knit, purl, bind-off, then you can begin adding more skills.

Stripes – a great way to learn to knit with more than one color

Two-color garter stitch striped dishcloth stripe right dishcloth learn to knit with more than one color
Stripe Right Dishcloth sample knit

Stripes! A classic pattern in clothing, blankets, dishcloths, etc. Stripes are awesome! I wrote this pattern, Stripe Right, a two-color garter stitch dishcloth to help beginner knitters learn to knit with more than one color.

Because I am a person who can feel intimidated or overwhelmed by too many new things, I’m sensitive to other knitters who may feel the same way. And it’s why I want you to enjoy all the things you will learn with this pattern. And most importantly celebrate the wins!

This pattern is going to teach you some great color-work basics like …

  • Manage two balls of yarn
  • Add a new yarn to your work
  • Carry your non-working yarn
  • Weave in multiple colors in the same project

And once you have these skills down, I would encourage you to work the two-color linen stitch dishcloth that I have for free. And then some mosaic color work. These are all fabulous knitting techniques that will help you build on your color work skills in a way that makes sense, in my opinion.

A pattern with lots of options

And since I know lots of knitters of many different skills and abilities like to knit dishcloths, I wanted this pattern to have LOTS of options. Options like different cast-on and bind-off methods. Options for a slipped chain edge, or even a braided-cable edge. So even if you do not need to learn how to knit with more than one color, you can still add to your skills.

Because the pattern has a lot of options, you may want to look over it before you decide which options you want to incorporate. And to make sure you don’t get lost in all the options, I did create a video overview to go over how you can mix and match to your hearts content.

Two-color braided cast-on and bind-off
2-color braided bind-off going into 2-color garter stitch stripe pattern. learn how to knit with more than one color
2-color braided bind-off. Just one of the edge options in the Stripe Right pattern

OK gurl, I know. I know. I use this one a lot, but it’s because it’s so dang pretty! And so of course I have this as an option, but don’t worry because you can use any ole cast-on method you want. In fact, the basic instructions tell you to use your preferred cast-on method. Adding this cast-on and bind-off is an option.

Who should try out this option? People who can do the long-tail cast-on. It is a similar hand and yarn movement, with just one little tweak to get the braided look. And of course, I do have a YouTube tutorial on how to do this.

If you’re new, and not so familiar with the long-tail cast-on, you can still try it if you like. I would recommend maybe just trying this pattern with the regular long-tail cast-on before you add the headache of twisted yarns, which this cast-on and bind-off method is definitely going to give you.

To learn more about the long-tail cast-on method, you can see my blog post. Or you can watch my video tutorial.

Slipped Chain Edge
Stripe right dishcloth pattern showing the slip chain edge option learn to knit with more than one color
Stripe Right Dishcloth – displaying the slip chain edge option

I love a nice slipped chain edge. It makes your fabric lay nicely and I think it just looks good. Like a part of the knit but, a bit more decorative.

Who can try this option? Anyone! Learning how to do a slipped chain edge is a great beginner skill.

This one will be a little bit different. Because we will be carrying yarn up the sides and We want our chained edge to stand out. So how we move the yarns between the fabric and the slipped stitch is in a particular way. Detailed instructions are included in the pattern.

And I made a tutorial – so you can always click in the pattern to watch the video tutorial for this step of you want to do it, but need to see it in action.

Braided-cable edge

Who should try out the braided-cable edge? Knitters who feel more confident in their skills. If you feel comfortable reading a knitting chart. And if you just like taking on an extra challenge.

Stripe Right dishcloth pattern displaying the braided-cable edge option. Learn to knit with more than one color
Stripe Right Dishcloth pattern displaying the option of the braided-cable edge

And this one is the edge that I created for you knitters out there who want a new technique or to try something new. I’ve not seen this any where before. I don’t know if I made it up or someone did before me and I’m just unaware. But I love the finished effect!

The braided-cable edge is a bit more involved as you can tell probably just from it’s name. I do include chart instructions for this as well as a video tutorial.

I will tell you that some of the test knitters struggled with this edge. The ones who found it a snap, were more advanced knitters who enjoyed something new. The ones who struggled were on the beginner-adventurous side.

Help will always be given at OzzyLosi Knit Designs

To those who ask for it.

Pattern video tutorials available!

So if you find yourself struggling in any part of this pattern, I am a simple DM away on Instagram @ozzylosiknits or a quick email lois@ozzylosiknitdesigns.com

I reply as quickly as I can, but usually no longer than 48 hours. If I don’t reply, that usually means I didn’t receive your message, so try again.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s knits with this pattern so be sure to email me your finished object, or tag me on your journey on IG @ozzylosiknits #ozzylosistriperight so I can celebrate with you!

Knitting is a journey and it’s better when shared.

If you opt to get this pattern for free, you will be added to my email list. Stripe Right Tester Gallery

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